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Kawakawa - avocado - sea buckthorn seed & more..

Haumanu Body Oil

A beautiful blend of organic oils for head to toe nourishment.

Kia Ora

We are Abby & Zoë. We are mothers, wives and creative souls who are passionate about making beautiful, affordable, organic skincare. We hand make all our products that are safe for the whole family to use.

We are proud Maori sisters who look to our traditional practices for guidance and are grateful to have access to a backyard full of plants native to Aotearoa. As our knowledge base increases so will our product range.

We aim to be as eco friendly and sustainable as we possibly can and encourage everyone to take advantage of our "Recycle + Reuse option.

Our products are made without synthetic preservatives which are usually added to prolong the shelf life of products, this helps to ensure that you are truly able to enjoy the  benefits of all the beautiful and natural ingredients we use. 


Ab & Zo