Fave Smoothie

Fave Smoothie


Everyone has one.  A generalisation?  Probably.  But think of your own... closer to the truth than not right.

A standard for us is to add a ripe banana to a handful of blueberries, chuck in some chia seeds, green it up with a bunch of spinach, protein and/or collagen we treat as optional, then bring on the soy or almond milk, natural yoghurt, manuka honey works best, add ice for that extra chill factor, then give it a wizz.  Pour into a handle, one of those old-fashioned types the local pub serves beer in, and enjoy.  And you know this truth too... leave out one of the ingredients, any one, and the fave smoothie just doesn’t taste the same.  The texture isn’t the same, the flavour, the look, and believe it or not, you won’t feel the same way about this ‘less-than’ concoction.  Moral?  Don’t discard, disregard, ignore, skimp, or settle for anything less.

You deserve to have and be able to enjoy your fave smoothie.  Just like we do.

You’ll already know something about us if you follow Be+Humble on Instagram or Facebook.  You’ll know we’re in the business of creating beautiful natural skincare, and from time to time, we work on a few special projects that we share on social media.

For those who we’re meeting for the first time, we are Abby and Zoё, two of six siblings.  Very recently our Mama added a step-father to the fusion who comes with his own young son and daughter.  With their permission we might give them a greater mention in future sharing.  For now at least, it’s important to let you know how much we love being a blended family... like a fave smoothie you could say.

Our combined healthy goodness comes with a dash of Greek, Spanish, Cook Island, Fijian, and a whole lot of Te Waiariki, Te Rarawa, Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Wai, Ngāti Mutunga, and a touch of Ngai Tahu and Ngāti Porou.  We hail from a proud whānau with a proud whakapapa; one that connects us to multiple waka, islands from across the Pacific, the Baltic states, the UK, and other parts of Europe... and we remain thankful for it all.  We are also mothers, partners, excellent daughters, lovers of dogs, lasagne, sushi, salmon & cream cheese bagels, avocado on toast, boil-up and rewana bread, koura, kina, coffee, and of course our favourite kind of smoothie.  Leave any of these components out, discard, disregard, ignore, skimp or settle for less, and we just won’t look the same, won’t feel the same, won’t behave the same, and we couldn’t live with the same purpose as we do now.

As tempting as it might be at times to leave some of our blended selves out or behind could be an easy route to take if we want to focus on what’s simple rather than the complex.  But here’s the thing, we like complex.  We like all the subtleties, tones and shades, all the nuances that come with being a blended mix of colour, taste, and texture.  Besides, the Te Waiariki and Ngāpuhi in us just won’t allow anyone to be left out or left behind; we’d get a hiding for sure if we let that happen.

Anyway, welcome to our first blog.  Whether it’s our last depends largely on you, the readers, and as we’re new to this, we give thanks for your patience as we learn to walk before we can run so to speak.  Just know that we appreciate you taking the time to read and to reflect on our musings.  We can only hope you find something that resonates with you, interests, uplifts or challenges you, or inspires a change in gear if that’s what you’re after, with your own foot on the accelerator, and some movement forward.  Where you’re headed is up to you, but enjoy the journey, and the destination will take care of itself... let us entertain you along the way.



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