Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday to us!!!

3 years in business and what a crazy but mostly cool ride its been.

The night before our first market in Hongoeka, we were nervous, so much so that we contemplated not going. We didn't think people would be that interested in what we had on offer. Surely no ones going to come and check us out, why would they??!!

Turns out all that self doubt was for nothing and it was an amazing day, people enjoyed talking to us, they loved the product, so many of our friends and family came to support us and we sold out of everything. It ended up being quite an emotional day and we cried with pride and excitement for what the next phase could potentially look like. 

From this humble little market we continued to attend local markets, we entered a truly unfamiliar realm of Social Media. We gifted product to our whānau in exchange for some very savage but as it would turn out, helpful in the long run, feedback. We launched a website.

So many lessons have been learnt throughout this journey and we predict there will be many more to come. We still get nervous, especially when we release a new product that we adore, and we hope people feel the same, when they don't it is disappointing but then again how boring would life be if everyone loved the same things.

We are a whole bunch more confident in what we are doing and we don't release anything unless we love it. We have been lucky to have so many beautiful people in our corner guiding and supporting us whose opinions we respect and mostly take on board.....(hehe) and although we, Abby + Zoe are the faces of the Be + Humble we mustn't forget to acknowledge the whole team of people behind us, our husbands, our children, our siblings, our family, our friends and of course our customers. We are forever grateful.


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