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Māmā Gift Pack

Māmā Gift Pack

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Māmā, this one is for you! Growing Pukus, itchy Puku, Tender + cracked nipples? Stretch Marks? New Born Pēpi? Or Are you a Māmā or Pāpā of a tribe and want a range of natural products for your whānau? Heading to a baby shower? Know someone who’s about to have a Pēpi? 

This is the gift Pack for you, 

M Ā M Ā   P A C K

Māmā Butter 120g - A beautiful body butter that is made with zero nasty chemicals, zero fragrance, zero nut oils, zero preservatives! Our Māmā Butter is great for itchy pukus, cracked nipples, tender bodys that have just birthed precious Pēpi’s x 

Pēpi Balm 120g- Pēpi balm is made with Kawakawa + chamomile + calendula infused organic coconut oil!! We use a beautiful certified organic NZ beeswax which is gentle on precious skin! 

Kawakawa + Hemp Balm 120g - our most popular product! A real special blend of pure ingredients! Kawakawa + Hemp are magic on sensitive skin. Known as a great balm for eczema..but also beautiful as a massage balm or all over moisturiser 

2x Reusable breast pads- Beautiful cotton reusable breastpads! Handmade here in New Zealand