ODDS - Kawakawa + Hemp 60g

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Most small businesses have odd bits and pieces sitting around and so with that, we were sent the wrong size glass jar we can send it back but the time/energy to send it back isn’t what we are about. So we’ve made some Kawakawa + Hemp balm and now we have ODD Kawakawa + Hemp Balm 60g. (The ODD part is that is an odd size glass)
These come in our same eco friendly glass jars/ aluminium lids and ZERO LABELS. We could of made some labels up buuut they aren’t a normal stock item so you get them as they are. Perfect Kawakawa Balm inside an ODD size jar. (ODD to us and no one else 😅)

please see our 120g/30g product page for ingredients and storage information.

These like most ODD things won’t be available forever so get in quick…